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This page contains patches that affect the gameply of Keen Galaxy. That is, they do not affect something specific, such as an enemy, a level or an item, but the gameplay in general. A patch belongs in this category if it can be said to have an effect in most possible levels of the game. Thus patching the Dopefish in Keen 4 is not a gameplay patch since it is possible to make perfectly ordinary levels without Gargs. Patching the cheats of the player's jump height counts, since any level this would have no effect in would be quite unusual. Borderline cases should be included for prudence.

This page specifically contains gameplay patches that affect the game directly, by altering keys, windows or general physics. Patches that affect gameplay (Such as cheat patches or patching the player) belong on the pages they relate to. This page is solely for patches that cannot be pinned to any in-game 'thing' but the game itself.

Patches for what the player has and what happens when a new game is started are covered at Patch:Game start.

Change the cheat activation keys

These patches do one of two things; wither they alter the three key combination (By default A + 2 + Enter) required to 'activate' the F10 cheats, or they alter which key is required to directly activate the F10 cheats. (By default this is F10) A such they are scancode patches.

Note that due to the way the game works making the F10 key's scancode higher disables the cheats.

Change\disable A + 2 + Enter

There are currently no scancode patches in this section, however it is still possible to disable the A2E window, and thus all cheats. (Except the Patch:B A T Cheat.)

Patch: Keen Galaxy A2E key patches
#Disable A2E (Keen 4)
%patch $82D9 $5F $5E $5D $C3

This unique patch leaves the A2E window, however no cheats are activated, instead the player is 'punished' by being sent back to the main map, losing all level progress. This patch may be unstable. The window text can also be altered.

Patch: Keen 4 A2E patch
#Disable all cheats at once (Punishment is being sent back to the map!)
%patch $74C4 $C3
%patch $2F130 "Uh-uh! No cheating! " $00

Change\disable the F10 key

The scancode for F10 is $44 which becomes $88 using the table method on the scancodes page. Setting the F10 key to the table value itself will disable all F10 cheats. (Though disabling the A + 2 + Enter code is more elegant.)

Patch: Keen Galaxy F10 key patches
#Keen 4 F10 key
%patch $7ABB $C6CFW
#$C6CF = $C647 + $88
#Keen 5 F10 key
%patch $7A76 $BD73W
#$BD73 = $BCAF + $88