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The ending sequence in Keen 5 occurs after Keen has destroyed the Q.E.D.; the screen goes dark, the ending sequence of text and images plays, followed by the high scores level. The ending sequence is mostly due to a loaded text chunk that allows the game to load images and text in a defined sequence. This chunk is handled completely uniquely, not allowing the player just to scroll through it as fast as they wish, but making them wait until the page is 'ready.'

Music played during ending sequence

This is the song played in the ending sequence. Due to the way music works it is actually the level whose music is played. See Patch:Music.

Patch: Keen 5
#Ending Sequence music
%patch $EC67 $000EW

Don't change music for ending sequence

This patch prevents the ending sequence having its own music. Instead the music playing in the level where Keen won the game will continue.

Patch: Keen 5
#Don't change music for ending sequence
%patch $EC66 $EB $0A