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The CONFIG.CKx (CONFIGuration) file is a file containing the configuration options in Keen Galaxy. It is loaded when the game is, and saved when the game is properly exited. If the two filenames differ then odd things occur, notably the game setting may not save, so the game will effectively be 'reset' each time it is played.

Patch: Keen 4
#Look for CONFIG
%patch $1949D $468CW %patch $334FC "CONFIG.CK4" $00
#Create CONFIG
%patch $1966D $469BW %patch $3350B "CONFIG.CK4" $00

Patch: Keen 5
#Look for EGAGRAPH
%patch $14160 $3211W %patch $33551 "EGAGRAPH.CK5" $00

Patch: Keen 6
#Look for CONFIG
%patch $1910D $408CW %patch $34DBC "CONFIG.CK6" $00
#Create CONFIG
%patch $192DD $409BW %patch $34DCB "CONFIG.CK6" $00