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The 'boss cheat' is a cheat in Keen Galaxy to be used if a player was caught playing Keen at work. It brings up a false command prompt so it appears the player is working. This is generally seen as ineffective these days.

Unlike most of the game's cheats, it is activated by pressing F9. It is exited by pressing escape.


Patch: Keen Galaxy boss cheat
#Keen 4 :
%patch $7A4D $0613W
#Text called from
%patch $2F483 "C:>" $00
#Keen 5 :
%patch $7A08 $058FW
#Text called from
%patch $308CF "C:>" $00
#Keen 6 :
%patch $77E1 $058BW
#Text called from
%patch $312BB "C:>" $00

Key used for F9 Cheats

The following patches alter which key needs to be pressed to activate an F10 cheat, by default this is F10. The values each key has are explained on Patch:Scancodes.

Patch: Keen Galaxy F9 key
#Keen 4 F9 -cheat F9 key
%patch $7A3F $43
#Keen 5 F9 -cheat F9 key
%patch $79FA $43
#Keen 6 F9 -cheat F9 key
%patch $77D3 $43


The following patches disable the boss cheat entirely. In each case it frees up 87 bytes of code 1 byte past the patch.

Patch: Disable F9 cheat
#Disable F9 cheat - Keen 4 (Frees $7A5C-$7A98)
%patch $7A3B $EB $5C
#Disable F9 cheat - Keen 5
%patch $79F6 $EB $5C
#Disable F9 cheat - Keen 6
%patch $77CF $EB $5C

Demo mode doesn't disable boss\BAT cheat

This patch changes things so that 'demo mode' doesn't disable this cheat or the BAT cheat. (Other cheats aren't affected by demo mode.)

Patch: Keen 4
#Demo mode doesn't disable cheats
%patch $796C $EB $08

What disables boss\BAT cheat

This patch changes what affects the boss (And BAT) cheats. By default this is the demo mode variable, but it can be other things such as having an item. See also Patch:Jump conditions

Patch: Keen 4
#What disables boss\BAT cheat
%patch $796E $7A72W $00 $74