Omegamatic Warp Drive

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Omegamatic Warp Drive
Omegamatic Warp Drive.png
GameKeen GBC
Level numberUnknown
LocationOmegamatic Warp Drive
Total pointsNone
Extra livesNone
Song"Omegamatic Warp Drive"

Commander Keen begins the game in the center of the Omegamatic Warp Drive (also known as The Hub). There are two main features of the Warp Drive: three teleporters and three crystal-like indentations in the ground.

Each teleporter will send Commander Keen to a different world (Droidiccus Prime, Fribbulus Xax, Shikadi), from which he can enter one of three levels of play. The three crystal-like indentations are for three plasma crystals that, once united in the Omegamatic Warp Drive, will destroy the sub-space anomaly. Planet Earth is safe! Victory!