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This is a pictorial summary of the creatures and enemies that appear in Keen GBC. See also the bare list of Keen GBC creatures, the bare list of Keen GBC enemies, and the complete lists of creatures and enemies.

ArachnuArachnut-like babyish alien
Badoing – A bouncy worm alien found on Shikadi World
Berkeloid GBC.png
Berkeloid – A firey guy found on Shikadi World (from Keen 4)
Bloog GBC.png
Bloog – A one-eyed stupid green alien (from Keen 6)
Blooglet GBC.png
Blooglet – A baby Bloog (from Keen 6)
Blooguard GBC.png
Blooguard – A Bloog with a big club (from Keen 6)
Bobba GBC.png
Bobba – Giant bouncy worm like alien (from Keen 6)
Bounder GBC.png
Bounder – Spherical red bouncy guy (from Keen 4)
Bubba – Small, floating bubble like alien
Casta – Indestructible Fleex designed alien
Cyba-Mallow Blue.png
Cyba-Mallow Red.png
Cyba-Mallow – Two types of colored robotic candy
DargGarg-like alien created by the Droidiccus
Dood – Small Shelley-like crackpot alien
Dopefish GBC.png
Dopefish – A large green fish out of water (from Keen 4)
Dorp – A Yorp-like mutant alien created by the Droidiccus
Droid 1.png
Droid 1 – Small buzzy annoying Droidiccus
Droid 2.png
Droid 2 – Bouncy annoying menial Droidiccus
Droid 3.png
Droid 3 – Zippy wall climbing Droidiccus
Droidican Elite.png
Droidican Elite – Tough elite soldier Droidiccus
Droidican Emperor.png
Droidican Emperor – The ruler of the Droidiccus
Droidican Soldier.png
Droidican Soldier – Normal Soldier Droidiccus
Fire Imp.png
Fire Imp – A hot mini-Berkeloid
Flect GBC.png
Flect – An orange tentacly alien that reflects your shots back at you! (from Keen 6)
Fleex GBC.png
Fleex – Orange, inventive but dangerous alien (from Keen 6)
Gik GBC.png
Gik – Beetle like, spiny-footed alien (from Keen 6)
Hovva – Hovering harmless droid
Little Ampton GBC.png
Little Ampton – Small, friendly maintainence robot (from Keen 5)
Mad Mushroom GBC.png
Mad Mushroom – Poisonous bouncy fungus (from Keen 4)
Mortimer McMire GBC.png
Mortimer McMire – The evil genius behind the whole plot, your nemesis and mine
Nospike GBC.png
Nospike – Pointy-nosed, charging blue alien (from Keen 6)
Poison Slug GBC.png
Poison Slug – Toxic, charging yellow slug (from Keen 4)
Robo-Bloog – Robotic Bloog boss
Robo Red GBC.png
Robo Red – Big red laser-toting robot (from Keen 5)
Sentry Droid.png
Sentry Droid – Mindless, indestructible Droidiccan sentry
Shikadi GBC.png
Shikadi – Electric energy being (from Keen 5)
Shikadi Master GBC.png
Shikadi MasterShikadi leader, teleporting electric alien (from Keen 5)
Shikadi Overlord.png
Shikadi Overlord – The big Shikadi boss
Shikadi Sentry.png
Shikadi Sentry – Small, globular robotic Shikadi droid
Sphereful GBC.png
Sphereful – Diamond coated globular Shikadi droid (from Keen 5)