Keen Fury

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KeenFury gameplay screenshot.

Keen Fury is an abandoned fangame by Blur. There are three versions of it, dated 1999-01-02, 1999-03-06 and 1999-03-15. The first has just one short level, the second has three levels, and the third features 2 levels, one using Keen 4 graphics, the other Keen 6 graphics. Sounds remind a lot of Keen 4. There is joystick support. The game doesn't have a pogo, and Keen always jumps at the same height, no matter how long the jump button is pushed. The game is relatively buggy, and might crash from time to time. Also, Keen's ammo doesn't decrease when he shoots, nor does the score counter do anything in version 3. To run the game in dosbox you need the CWSDPMI.EXE placed in the game directory. This file is included in the .zip provided.