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This is a pictorial summary of all the items that appear in Keen Dreams. See also the bare list of Keen Dreams items and the complete list of items.


Peppermint 100 points
Cookie 200 points
Candy Cane.png
Candy Cane 500 points
Candy Bar (Keen Dreams).png
Candy Bar 1000 points
Lollipop (Keen Dreams).png
Lollipop 2000 points
Cotton Candy.png
Cotton Candy 5000 points


Keys Used to unlock doors
Flower Power.png
Flower Power Gives one throwable Flower Power
Super Flower Power.png
Super Flower Power Gives five throwable Flower Power
Waving Keen.png
Waving Keen Gives one extra life
Magic Eyeball.png
Magic Eyeball Gives three extra lives and eight throwable Flower Power


KD Boobus Bomb.png
Boobus Bomb Used in the fight against Boobus Tuber

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