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Keen Dreams
Keen Dreams title.png
Release date1991
Secret levelsNone
Download/buyDownload (v1.13)
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Keen Dreams, or Commander Keen in Keen Dreams, is a Commander Keen game created after the Keen 3 and before Keen 4, and is often considered "Keen 3.5" or otherwise as coming in between the two main series of Keen games. It is notable for its lack of a pogo stick, Neural Stunner or raygun, with Keen using Flower Power to temporarily incapacitate foes. It also lacks SGA lettering, presumably because the game doesn't take place in space. The game centers around a general theme of vegetables.

The episode was not widely released until some time after the Goodbye, Galaxy! series, often earning it the title of the "Lost episode."

Keen Dreams was ported to the Android platform by the Super Fighter Team and released in June 2013. It can be downloaded from Google Play.

In September 2014, a community funded effort purchased the rights to Keen Dreams and released the source code under the GPL. It is available on GitHub.

Episode details

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Behind the scenes

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