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This is a pictorial summary of all the items that appear in Keen 6. See also the bare list of Keen 6 items and the complete list of items.


Bloog Soda.png
Bloog Soda 100 points
Ice Cream Bar.png
Ice Cream Bar 200 points
Pudding 500 points
Root Beer Float.png
Root Beer Float 1000 points
Banana Split.png
Banana Split 2000 points
Pizza Slice.png
Pizza Slice 5000 points


Gems the "keys" used to open doors
Neural Stunner.png
Neural Stunner ammunition
Viva collect 100 Vivas for an extra life
Queen Viva.png
Queen Viva extra life


Grappling hook.png
Rope and Grappling Hook – needed to scale a cliff and gain access to the rest of the world map
Stupendous sandwich.png
Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV – the second biggest sandwich in the galaxy, required to pass the Grabbiter
Bloogstar rocket passcard.png
Bloogstar Rocket Passcard – a passcard needed to fly the Bloogstar Rocket onto the Space Fortress

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