Keen 5 Hazards

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This is a list of all the hazards in Keen 5. A hazard is something that damages Keen, but is not a creature.

Keen5 FireHelix.png
Fire Helix – these deadly defense hazards are frequently found aboard the Omegamatic, although some can be found in the Korath III Base too.
Keen5 LaserCannon.png
Laser cannons – these weapons are frequently found installed in roofs, floors and walls, and they shoot a single purple bullet approximately every three seconds. It is not known whether or not they are related to those found later in Fribbulus Xax (Keen 6).
Keen5 Phaser.png
Phasers – these hazards feature a pair of pads, between which is a slowly pulsating laser beam. This laser is lethal to Keen only at its strongest point in the cycle.
Keen5 RedGasFlame.png
Red gas flames – these circle around a pipe on the Quantum Explosion Dynamo level (even in easy mode). They can be passed by walking through when they are under the pipe.