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This is a pictorial summary of all the items that appear in Keen 3. See also the bare list of Keen 3 items and the complete list of items.


Big-n-Beefy Burger.png
Big-n-Beefy Burger  100 points
Diet Vorta-Cola.png
Diet Vorta-Cola 200 points
Zitto Candy Bar.png
Zitto Candy Bar 500 points
Double Chocolate Cake.png
Double Chocolate Cake 1000 points
Stuffed Toy VortiNinja.png
Stuffed Toy VortiNinja 5000 points

The in-game help lists the Big-n-Beefy Burger as worth 500 points and Zitto Candy Bar as worth 100 points. However, collecting a candy bar adds 500 points to the score, and collecting a burger only adds 100 points.


Keycard (Vorticons).png
Keycards used to unlock doors
Pistol (Keen 3).png
Pistol Keen 3 Ammo.png
Pistol ammunition
Ankh provides temporary invincibility


None in Keen 3.

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