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This is a pictorial summary of the creatures and enemies that appear in Keen 2. See also the bare lists of Keen 2 creatures and Keen 2 enemies, and the complete lists of creatures and enemies.

Guard Robot.png
Guard Robot
Purple robots used in the Vorticon Mothership to protect different areas
Small red robots that work in the Vorticon Mothership
Vorticon Elder.png
Vorticon Elder
The oldest of the Vorticon, they possess vast knowledge of their race
Vorticon Elite.png
Vorticon Elite
The Elite warriors of the Vorticon race
Vorticon Grunt (yellow).png
Vorticon Grunt (yellow)
These are the Vorticons from Episode One, but they have lived a more posh lifestyle[1], so they are weaker
Young Vorticons found on the Vorticon Mothership and on Vorticon VI


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