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Initial release
Development statusFinished
Tool TypeSound Editor
DownloadKeenFX v.1.1 (source code included) newest
KeenFX interface

KeenFX is a Keen 1-3 PC Speaker sound editor written by Commander Spleen in 2005.

The utility is designed to work with an external sound file. This means it is only directly usable with Keen 1. However, it is possible to extract the sound effects data from the Keen 2 and 3 executable files, save them in an external file, edit them with KeenFX, and then use CKPatch's %patchfile feature to load the sounds into a mod.


Make sure you throw a copy of SOUNDS.CK1 in with keenfx.exe; there's no error trapping at the moment, so if the sounds file isn't present the program will simply crash.

Once you're in the program, you'll be presented with two Power menu windows; one reading 'SoundBox' and the other 'Visualisation'. SoundBox lists the various sound effects, and Visualisation displays a visual representation of the selected sound.

From here, the rest is up to you. The following controls are at your disposal:

General Controls

Key Action
Tab Switch windows
Enter Play selected sound effect
Space Play selected note, indicated by the highlighted asterisk in the Visualisation window
S Compile (Save) SOUNDS.CK1

Soundbox (If active)

Key Action
Up/Down Cruise up and down the sounds list

Visualisation (if active)

Key Action
Left/Right Prev/Next note, respectively. Note that the window scrolls to cater for long sounds.
Up/Down Increase/Decrease pitch of highlighted note by 16.
PgUp/PgDn Increase/Decrease pitch of highlighted note by 256.
Ins Manually input desired pitch for highlighted note.
Zero (0) Set highlighted note to zero.
F Reverse (flip) sound effect.
I Invert selected note.
Z/X Zoom in/out. Viewing range is 1200 (maximum) by default.
C/V Copy/Paste highlighted note.
+/- Increase/Decrease length of selected sound effect. Minimum length of 8.