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This is a pictorial summary of all the items that appear in Keen 2. See also the bare lists of Keen 2 items and all items.


Candy Bar.png
Candy Bar  100 points
Vorta-Cola 200 points
Hamburger 500 points
Chocolate Cake.png
Chocolate Cake 1000 points
Stuffed Toy Vorticon.png
Stuffed Toy Vorticon 5000 points

Note that cans of Vorta-Cola are strong enough to support you if you stand on them: you collect them if you run over them from the side only.


Keycard (Vorticons).png
Keycards used to unlock doors
Vorticon HyperPistol.png
Vorticon HyperPistol ammunition


None in Keen 2.

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