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This page lists all the bugs, odd behaviors and unexpected actions that have been discovered in Keen 2.

Shoot through the roof

See the Keen 1 Shoot through the roof bug, which applies to Keen 2 as well.

F8 Crash

Keen2 F8 crash.png

See the Keen 1 F8 Crash bug, which applies to Keen 2 as well, in version 1.0.

Extra levels

See the Keen 1 Extra levels bug, which applies to Keen 2 as well.

Swapped levels

The Vorticon Mothership (the world map) has text on written in Standard Galactic Alphabet to indicate which levels the player will be entering. Unfortunately, the levels for Moscow and Rome must have been mixed up during the game's development, as entering the level marked as Rome actually loads the Moscow level, and entering the level marked as Moscow loads the Rome level.

Steps to reproduce:


Keen can leave Rome's Tantalus Ray still active if he goes as far right as possible at the beginning, and hopping up the little hole. This is not actually a bug, but leaves the player in a situation where they cannot complete the game.

It is also possible to do this and win the game by moving up and right at the beginning and approaching the Tantalus from the right. If the player touches the purple Tantalus spark but does not shoot it then the city will be marked as saved and the game can be won. Otherwise, as in the above example, the game will be unbeatable.

Youths with Talent

When there is a group of Youths running around in a small room, sometimes one or two of them can actually jump right through walls. This bug is most common in Home A in the room with the five Stuffed Toy Vorticons and seven Youths.

Architectural Error

K2 error.png

In the Moscow Tantalus Center, there is a corner missing off a block. See the picture. Look to the right of Keen, and you will not see a black line where there should be one!

Scrub has the Key

K2 scrub glitch.png

Keen will clip through doors if he is pushed into them by a Scrub from the left side. This can be exploited by players in Weaponry A and Engine Room B to complete these levels without collecting any Keycards or otherwise exploring. These are the only two levels in the game where Scrubs can be coaxed into this movement.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Pin yourself between the Yellow door and the scrub that circles the exit in Engine Room B
  • or Collect the Vorta-Cola cans above the cake and below the Green Keycard room in Weaponry A (clearing a path for Scrubs to reach the door area) then wait at Yellow door to be pushed while walking right