Commander Keen (Game Boy Color game)

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Commander Keen (Game Boy Color game)
Keen GBC title.png
Release dateMay 30, 2001 / June 15, 2001[1]
Secret levelsNone
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Commander Keen is a Game Boy Color game and the only official Keen game that was not originally released for DOS.

Episode details


The game

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More fun


Behind the scenes

  • What's that song?
  • Does this episode have any bugs in it?
  • Are there different versions of this episode?
  • How did they develop this episode?

Beyond the norm


These items are found in this episode.

No images of this mod's items have been uploaded yet! No images of this mod's items have been uploaded yet!


The following creatures and hazards are found in this episode.

  • Arachnu.png
    Arachnut-like babyish alien.
  • Badoing.png
    A bouncy worm alien.
  • Berkeloid GBC.png
    A fiery guy.
  • Bloog GBC.png
    A one-eyed stupid green alien.
  • Blooglet GBC.png
    A baby Bloog.
  • Blooguard GBC.png
    A Bloog with a big club.
  • Bobba GBC.png
    Giant bouncy worm-like alien.
  • Bounder GBC.png
    Spherical red bouncy guy.
  • Bubba.png
    Small, floating bubble-like alien.
  • Casta.png
    Indestructible Fleex-designed robot.
  • Cyba-Mallow Blue.png
    Cyba-Mallow (blue)
    Blue-colored robotic candy.
  • Cyba-Mallow Red.png
    Cyba-Mallow (red)
    Red-colored robotic candy.
  • Darg.png
    Garg-like alien created by the Droidiccus.
  • Dood.png
    Small Shelley-like crackpot alien.
  • Dopefish GBC.png
    A large green fish out of water.
  • Dorp.png
    A Yorp-like mutant alien created by the Droidicuss.


Fans have modified the Commander Keen games to produce new games. A few recent mods are shown here, but there are 0 mods for this episode.

There are no Keen GBC mods.


  1. May 30, 2001 for US release, June 15, 2001 for EU release. Content from GameFAQs entry.