Jotundra Mountains

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Jotundra Mountains
Jotundra Mountains.png
Game[[Game::Battle of the Brains]]
Level number6
Total points74,400
Total ammoUnknown
"Unknown" is not a number.
 + [[Available ammo::3 x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra lives1
Song[[Battle of the Brains Music|"Quantum Racing"]]
Map of Jotundra Mountains

Jotundra Mountains is the sixth level of Battle of the Brains, a Keen 5 mod by Ceilick. Here Keen travels to the ice planet of Frosthool in order to open one of the four security doors blocking the fifth teleporter. As the name of the level suggests, it is a vast series of mountains with snowy slopes and ice stalagmites making up the level. Keen's enemies here are the Yeti, snowmen that can stun Keen with snowballs, and the Bedhed, a snowy looking creature who takes brief naps and then attacks intruders who get too close and disturb his sleep. There are plenty of slopes for Keen to climb in order to reach the exit.

Items (v2 beta5)

This level contains 74,400 points: 58 Rocket Pops, 23 Juice Boxes, 1 Chocolate and 19 Corn Dogs, 7 Sprinkle Pastries and 8 Stacks O' Pancakes (5,800 + 4,600 + 500 + 9,500 + 14,000 + 40,000 = 74,400). There's a huge portion of Orbs to be collected: 75 in total. There's a single 1-UP in the top right corner. (It's interesting that there are no Frozen Yogurts at all.)