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Ice Levels
Ice Levels.png
Mod-ingame-Ice Levels.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
Release date
Secret levels1
New graphics?No
New sounds?No
New music?N/A
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Ice Levels is a level pack by Neil McRae released 1999-04-18. It features 15 new levels, a new map level, and a modified title screen. It is problematic in its use of vertical ice cannons, which usually make keen stuck forever. You'll have to save before entering any level to be able to reload when this happens. This level pack has no ending, it is simply completed when you reach the end of the last level.

Technical Information

  • Graphics: Keen 1 graphics
  • Story text: Keen 1 story text
  • Levels: 15 levels
  • Tools used: level editor(s)


  • Level 1 is a slightly modified version of Ice City, now with the pogo in it right at the beginning, and the Vacuum Cleaner removed.
  • Level 2 is actually The Ice Factory by Xky Rauh.
  • Level 3 is theVorticon Commander's Castle without the Everclear
  • Levels 4, 5, and 6 are similar in setup. The environment in which you start is the same in all three levels, with different coloured blocks to fit their respective map level graphics. The final part of each level is different, though.
  • Level 7 seems to be the unaltered First Ice Shrine from Keen 1.
  • Level 8 is the Second Ice Shrine altered to be entirely made out of ice and slippery tiles. In addition a door has been added for the last key, which was missing in the original level.
  • Level 9 has a secret exit that will end up in a teleporter on the map level, which will take you to the secret level. It's easy to get stuck at the beginning of the level, with the result of having to exit and start over.
  • Level 10 is the secret level which uses a lot of tiles that are normally only used for the map level or the status screen. It's the only level here to use a white background.
  • Level 11 is a small level which can be accessed when entering the black tile within green blocks on the map level. It'S fairly normal appart from the fact that you can get stuck with no means to kill yourself when picking up the Pepsi Cans.
  • Level 12 has a second exit arranged similar to Washington Tantalus Center
  • Level 13 is an extremely difficult level, where the player has to do a lot of precision jumping between two hazard tiles. It has many blind drops, each one ending in a fire hazard if the player doesn't steer one tile left or right.
  • Level 14 has a fake Mangling Machine created from Keen 1 tiles, which the player must pass. The level has no exit, it ends when Keen has found the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket
  • Level 15 is a small Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket level similar to the one seen in Keen 4.