Hornet Hive

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Hornet Hive
Hornet Hive.png
GameAtroxian Realm
Level number16
LocationRedwood Forest
Dimensions196 x 63 tiles
Total points64,200
Total ammo9 x Neural Stunner
Extra lives
Song"Hornet Hive"
A map of the Hornet Hive.
In-game screenshot: Keen being attacked by Hornets.

The Hornet Hive is an optional level in the Keen 4 mod Atroxian Realm by Gridlock.

In the deepest part of the redwood forest, far to the east, lies an enormous Hornet Hive. Only one creature inhabits this labyrinth, the Hornet. These giant insects have burrowed into the ground among the trees and created a disorienting maze of tunnels, honeycombs, and larvae, all of which adds up to a bad day for Commander Keen! Aside from the hornets themselves, giant yellowish larvae cling to the tunnel walls in many areas, highly poisonous if touched.

If Keen can survive the many gruesome threats and explore his way to the bottom of this hive, a great and ancient secret may lie waiting... a passage to the secret sanctuary of the Krile!

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