High Scores (Keen 5 Level)

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High Scores (Keen 5 Level)
High Scores (Keen 5 Level).png
GameKeen 5
Level number15
Dimensions24 x 17 tiles
Total pointsNone
Total ammoNone
Extra livesNone
Song"Skating O'er the Ice"
Inaccessible Level!
Map of the Keen 5 High Scores

The High Scores is an inaccessible level in Keen 5. It was used during game development to record a demo, so that while the high scores were being shown, Keen could run around in the foreground.

The only known ways to reach this level are:

  • Use the in-game warp cheat to access level 15.
  • Record a demo of level 15.
  • Modify the world-map to have an assignment to this level.
  • Use the TEDLEVEL command line parameter, passing 15 as the level number, for example
C:\KEEN5>keen5e tedlevel 15

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