Gridlock's Keen 4 Levelpack

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Gridlock's Keen 4 Levelpack
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Modded episodeKeen 4
Release date
Secret levelsNone
New graphics?No
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Gridlock's Keen 4 Levelpack is an eight-level pack for Keen 4. It was abandoned by Gridlock and released along with several other unfinished mods in this topic.

Gridlock has commented on the level design, which has been critized by some. The common criticisms are too much backtracking, levels too large and levels too confusing due to multiple switch combinations and multiple gemholders of the same color that can render the level unsolvable if the player choses the wrong one. One of the biggest flaws of this pack is there are a few areas in some of the levels that are extremely too difficult for easy mode and these areas are almost impossible in normal and hard. This is especially true for Minesweeper Mines.

The level Hellville contains a situation which may not always work for the player. Using the red gem is supposed to disable the flame to allow the player to collect the yellow gem; however this does not always work properly. Sometimes the flame does not disappear making it impossible to obtain the yellow gem.

There are a large abundance of Lifewater Flasks in the levels, but for the most part, Gridlock has these lives very well hidden, and some are very difficult to reach. It will take a great deal of exploration, cunning and some rare tricks many Keeners either do not know or have forgotten about to be able to obtain these lives. This is also true with Gridlock's other abandoned levelpacks.

The level Minesweeper Mines has multiple glitches that make the level seem unsolvable. One such area is where Keen has to navigate a long floor covered in spikes by jumping onto multiple Bounders. Since Bounders' movements are so random and so erractic, getting by this area is almost impossible. The author, Gridlock, says: "If you want to know how this level works, ask Syllypryde, not me. I've mostly forgotten how this complicated level works, but he managed to figure it out."

Level List

  • Level 1- Spritetown
  • Level 2- Crank City
  • Level 3- Pearl Pit
  • Level 4- Minesweeper Mines
  • Level 7- Hellville
  • Level 11- Pyramid of Poles
  • Level 12- Pyramid of Puzzles
  • Level 18 (BWB)- Bean-with-Berkeloid Megarocket