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Game Editing

This section is organised by category. If an editor supports more than one type of editing (such as graphics editing and sound editing) it will be listed under both sections.

Level Editors

Graphics Editors

  • EModKeen/LModKeen for extracting and reimporting graphics
  • ModKeen for extracting and reimporting graphics
  • Keengraph for extracting and reimporting graphics
  • KeenGrout for adding/removing a grid to the Keen graphics tileset
  • K5Splode for editing the galaxy explosion pattern

Sound Editors

  • KeenWave A program to import\export sounds and music, currently a beta, comes with an adlib sound player.

Music Editors

  • AdPlug - standalone DOS program and a Winamp / XMMS plugin for playing Keen's IMF music.
  • IMF2MIDI - program to convert IMF songs into MIDI files.
  • DRO2MIDI - improved program based on IMF2MIDI
  • DRO2IMF - program to convert DRO files to IMF files.
  • IMF Creator - program to convert MIDI songs into IMF files.

Story / Game Text Editors

  • ModKeen for extracting data chunks
  • Keengraph for extracting data chunks
  • TheDraw for editing the final text screen.
  • Startext for editing the 'star wars' story and the Oracle replies
  • The Neural Stunner for editing some basic patches
  • LNAMES for editing level name and level entry texts
  • LText for scanning and generating a text patch/pointer

Patching tools

  • CKPatch for patching the executable files
  • UNLZEXE needed to decompress the executable files
  • UNP needed to decompress the executable files

Other editors and editing tools

Modding Tutorials

Game Information

  • For details on the file formats used by the games, see the Commander Keen 4-6 section on the ModdingWiki.
  • There is a list of patches that can be incorporated into mods to change the game's behaviour.

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