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This is an alphabetical list of all Keen: Galaxy mods, one-level mods and level packs ever made for Keen. It also includes some in-progress mods.

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  • Only the newest version of each mod or level pack is listed in the Download column; additional versions of mods or level packs may be found on their respective wiki pages.
  • Dates format: year-month-day (the release date is always for the first version of the mod, if known)

For a per-episode list choose from the following instead: Keen 4 mods, Keen 5 mods, Keen 6 mods.


A mod, or modification, is the alteration of content in order to make it operate in a manner different from its original version. They can include new items, modded weapons, characters, enemies, models, tile-sets, levels, music, story lines and game modes.

Full Mods

Title Download Release date Modder(s) Mod of # of levels Notes
Aliens Ate My Babysitter ...Again full v3 2009-09-26 NY00123 Keen 6 18 Keen 6 rearranged, color swaps, alternate graphics. Release Thread
Atroxian Realm full v1.1 2016-01-16 Gridlock Keen 4 25 First Source-Code Mod. Discussion Thread, Release Thread
The Alphamatic full 2017-07-04 Gridlock Keen 5 20 An Atroxian Realm sequel. Release Thread
Commander Keen's Valentine Bash full 2013-01-04 Levellass Keen 4 20 Monster bash cross-over. Discussion Thread, Release Thread
Commander Keen X Bio Menace full 2016-02-15 Szemigi Keen 4 13 A crossover between Keen 4 and Bio Menace 1. Thread
The Eight Accumulators full 2011-12-13 Bubbatom Keen 4 18 Uses new and original tiles. Discussion Thread, Release Thread
Episode 58 - The Ruin of Roib beta v3.0 2013-05-25 Bernie Keen 4 24 Aged Keen. Discussion Thread, Re-Release Thread
Episode 59 - Underworld Ultimate! beta v1.0 2014-05-06 Bernie Keen 4 18 Aged Keen. Release Thread
The Grand Intelligence IV: Intelligent Intellect full v2 2013-09-02 Szemigi Keen 4 18 Protaginist is Martinez McMeyer. Release Thread
Keen Ten: Mirror Menace beta v1.3 2013-11-24 Szemigi Keen 6 18 Release Thread, known bug: the game freezes after Keen enters the teleporter
Marooned on Mars beta v1.7 2016-03-14 Dr. Colossus Keen 5 17 Keen 1 conversion into Galaxy style. Release Thread
Suburb Shenanigans full v1.1 2018-12-24 Bubbatom Keen 5 23 Development Thread, Release Thread
The Terror from Outer Space full 2013-09-16 Dr. Colossus Keen 4 19 Release Thread
The Universe is Toast (unofficial) I: The Keys of Krodacia full v2 2009-03-14 Ceilick Keen 4 18 Release Thread, Post Discussion Thread, Re-Release Thread (includes new music, additional content, and bug fixes)
The Universe is Toast (unofficial) II: Dead in the Desert full v3.2 2009-07-21 Ceilick Keen 6 18 Discussion Thread Release Thread
The Universe is Toast (unofficial) III: Battle of the Brains full v2.5
2011-11-23 Ceilick, Mink, Tulip Keen 5 15 Discussion Thread, Release Thread
Zoltan's Revenge full 2012-10-20 Levellass Keen 4 16 The first demo won 1st place in the 2007 Keen 4 minimod contest

Changed Gameplay Mods

This topic contains mods which differ largely from the ordinary Keen Galaxy gameplay. (Nearly) all mods in this category have substantial similarity in a distinctive gameplay derived from heavy patching.

Title Download Release date Modder(s) Mod of # of levels Notes
Adventures in the BWB Megarocket beta 2010-06-09 GARGapplesauce Keen 4 10 Changed Gameplay: Designed to pilot the BWB Megarocket. Discussion Thread
Birdman demo 2004-03-26 Br1ck, Dr. Witherstone Keen 4 1 Changed Gameplay: Designed to fly as Blue Bird. Also first Keen 4 mod. Forum Thread
Galaxy Defender demo 2017-03-14 Dr. Colossus Keen 4 1 Changed Gameplay: BwB space-shooter style gameplay. Release Thread
Keen 60: Kreeg Crisis! full 2016-04-01 Levellass Keen 4 1 Changed Gameplay: Pogoing, jumping, shooting disabled. Forum Thread
Kube full 2015-07-08 Levellass Keen 4 11 Changed Gameplay: Worldmap mod. Discussion Thread
Pak Een full 2016-06-01 Levellass Keen 4 11+ Changed Gameplay: Worldmap mod. Discussion Thread
Mink's Puzzle Pack full v3 2010-01-03 Mink Keen 5 13 Changed Gameplay: Keen Clones to solve puzzles. Release Thread
Save the Quillsheep full 2007-07-14 Xkylyr Rauh Keen 4 4 Changed Gameplay: Save Quillsheep. 2nd place in the Keen 4 minimod contest
Skater Squirrel demo 2017-10-19 Levellass Keen 4 4 Changed Gameplay: stars a squirrel. has changed game physics. Release Thread
Space Evaders full 2017-03-13 Levellass Keen 4 86 Changed Gameplay: shmup design. Release Thread

Announced Upcoming Mods / Demos

Title Download Release date Modder(s) Mod of # of levels Notes
Foray in the Forest demo 2017-03-14 Mr.M, Nisaba Keen 4 2 Abandoned by Mr.M. but recreated from scratch by Nisaba. Discussion Thread, Demo Release Thread
Ocflore demo 2015-03-14 Bubbatom Keen 4 1 Uses different color-EGA palette Development Thread, Demo release Thread
Sign of the Vool link needed TBA Ceilick Keen 4 ? In-development Discussion Thread

Notable Alpha Versions

This topic contains unfinished, abandoned, pre-alpha mods which are notable for unique creative reasons (see the notes).

Title Download Release date Modder(s) Mod of # of levels Notes
Commander Keen at Ballican IV alpha v0.1 2009-03-15 Fleexy Keen 4 1 Flashy creatures also on worldmap. Forum Thread
Dr. Colossus: The Temple of Cydonia demo 2014-02-06 Dr. Colossus Keen 5 1 Keen is replaced by a new player. Discussion Thread. (Abandoned)
Episode -3 demo 2015-03-15 cyber zero and brother Keen 4 2 Planned as a prequel of the Keen series. Discussion Thread
Keen 1 Redone alpha 2011-02-11 Gridlock Keen 5 4 Keen 1 conversion into Galaxy style. Discussion Thread. (Abandoned)
Torgopolis demo 2005-03-13 Benvolio Keen 4 1 Style conversion into Vorticons look. Homepage
XkyKeen4 aka. Episode Pound: Fibers of Danak alpha 2008-09-20 Xkylyr Rauh Keen 4 1 Graphical redesign. Thread (Abandoned)
Zero X demo 2007-07-14 Zero X. Diamond Keen 4 1 3rd place in the Keen 4 minimod contest

Level Packs

In contrast to mods, level packs do only change level designs and arrangements. Generally other alterations of content stay untouched though there might be some little exceptions.

Full Level Packs

Title Download Release date Modder(s) Pack for # of levels Notes
Buried in Oblivion full v1.2 2017-01-01 Nisaba et al. Keen 4 18 Discussion. Community Pack: Level designs by multiple creators.
Keen 5½ full v5 2007-11-18 CK Guy Keen 5 9
Keen Asylum full 2003-11-13 Dr. Witherstone Keen 5 14
Keen Fifteen: Hello Galaxy! beta 2012-03-13 Zeus Keen 5 13 Discussion
MrBlackPack v4 beta 2012-04-18 MrBlack Keen 4 15 Discussion
The Rapid Pack full v4 2009-02-18 Shikadi Keen 6 12
Short Circuit Oracle full 2018-06-18 55Aavenue Keen 4 19 Discussion
The Sunnylands full 2018-03-14 Quillax Keen 4 19 Discussion
Twenty To full 2005-06-07 Dr. Witherstone Keen 5 7

Unfinished / abandoned Level Packs

This topic contains unfinished, abandoned, or level packs with only a few altered levels (see the notes).

Title Download Release date Modder(s) Pack for # of levels Notes
Br1ck's Keen 5 Level full 2003-04-10 Br1ck Keen 5 1 The first level has been replaced by level 11
BwB Megarocket Keen 5 full 2013-11-28 Szemigi Keen 5 1 Level 14, the missing BWB Megarocket level. Thread
Charging Moose's BwB Level full 2001-04-17 ChargingMoose Keen 4 1 First fan-made galaxy level ever. (Made in a hex editor.) Discussion
Funny full 2003-12-07 Dr. Witherstone Keen 5 4
Gridlock's Dead in the Desert Levelpack beta 2011-02-11 Gridlock Keen 8 1.5 Discussion. Abandoned.
Gridlock's Keen 4 Levelpack beta 2011-02-11 Gridlock Keen 4 8 Discussion. Abandoned.
KeenMark 4 beta 2003-12-09 The Candyjunk Keen 4 4 Released in a pack with Keen 5 levels
KeenMark 5 beta 2003-12-09 The Candyjunk Keen 5 4 Released in a pack with Keen 4 levels
New QED full 2003-06-27 Grelphy Keen 5 1
NY00123's first abandoned CK4 level pack full 2011-10-02 NY00123 Keen 4 2 NY00123 considers it a level pack. Forum Thread
PCKF Keen 6 Patchwork LevelPair full 2014-03-07 Keen Community Keen 6 2 Discussion Release
The Pyramid of the Allowed full 2012-11-03 Szemigi Keen 4 1 The opposite of the Pyramid of the Forbidden. Release Thread
The Unknown Pyramid full 2009-02-14 The Shifted One Keen 4 1 Discussion

Skin Mods

Skin Mods only change the look and feel of characters or tile-sets. But in contrast to level packs or mods, the original level designs stay untouched.

Title Download Release date Modder(s) Mod for Notes
Attack of the Silurians demo 2012-03-16 StupidBunny Keen 4 Abandoned. Release Thread all enemies sprites replaced
DasBrot's First Mod demo 2004-11-30 DasBrot Keen 4 Original Keen 4 levels, edited monster graphics
Trouble on Xion 2 beta 2004-12-05 DasBrot Keen 4 Original Keen 4 levels, new graphics and story

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