Episode X

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Episode X
Episode X.png
Mod-ingame-Episode X.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)PCKF Keen: Modding
Number of levels18
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
(5 votes)
Other mods in this seriesKeen Y, Keen Z, Episode Null
Map of the underside of Mortimer's stealthy mothership

Commander Keen Episode X aka. XkyKeen1 is a Keen 1 mod by Xkylyr Rauh. It's the second mod ever created for an original Commander Keen game. It won the 2002 Keen Awards.

It takes place aboard a spaceship. The story takes place after all the official Keen games, and is an interpretation of a possible storyline for Commander Keen: The Universe is Toast.

Technical Information

  • Graphics: custom graphics by Xkylyr Rauh
  • Levels: 18 levels
  • Tools used (incomplete list): ModKeen 1.0, CKPatch


In this episode, having stopped the Shikadi Armageddon Machine and saved his babysitter Molly from being devoured by the Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax, Commander Keen finally sits down to decypher the mysterious message he found in the command room of the Q.E.D.

Upon translating, Keen was shocked to discover that Mortimer's plans extended far beyond the destruction of Earth--or even the Galaxy! No, Mortimer's plan is to destroy the Universe!

Checking in on his still-groggy parents, (whom he had recently nursed back to conciousness via ice cream,) young Billy once again donned his brother's football helmet and blasted off into space, destination: McMire's ship.

After a considerable trip, Keen's ship slowed out of hyperspace and crept up to the underside of Mortimer's stealthy mothership. A simple frequency scan granted him access through some bay doors, and without a second's hesitation, Keen set out to dismantle key structures in this Universe-threatening ship!

Creatures and other modifications

Basic Service Droid
Yorp replacement
Sparky Mark II
Garg replacement
Android Dummy
Vorticon Guard replacement
A special Tank Bot
Tank Robot replacement
Roving Protoplasm
Butler Robot replacement


KeenX Little Candies.png
Little Candies
100 points
KeenX Yummy Cookie.png
Yummy Cookie
200 points
KeenX Juicy Hot Dog.png
Juicy Hot Dog
500 points
KeenX Fruit Snacks.png
Fruit Snacks
1000 points
KeenX Bowl of Nachos.png
Bowl of Nachos
5000 points


KeenX Neural Stunner.png
Neural Stunner
Ammo for Neural Stunner: increase Keen's weapon ammo
KeenX Shipparts.png
Mortimer's Ship Parts
Neuclidium Core, Kirimpul Piston, Ponart Sensoscope, Hyprician Link
KeenX Keygems.png
used to open doors

Level Maps

Spoiler Warning! This shows the whole levels.


There are three levelpacks made for this mod.

  • KeenRush has made a levelpack called xky1tuned. The 16 new levels of the level pack are considerably more difficult than the original levels of the mod.
  • Years later, KeenRush released a levelpack called xky1rooms. It's a remake of 14 of the levels from the original mod as one-room levels.