Episode -3

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Episode -3
Episode -3.png
Mod-ingame-Episode -3.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
Release date
Secret levelsNone
New graphics?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
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Commander Keen Episode -3 is an in-development Keen 4 mod by cyber zero and his brother. It is the first episode of a planned trilogy, which will be a prequel of the Keen series, take place on Earth and detail the events when Billy Blaze and Mortimer McMire faced each other the last time before becoming Commander Keen and The Grand Intellect. This is reflected by both the visuals and gameplay of Episode -3. Billy has no Neural Stunner, but attacks with a slingshot, and he also has not obtained his Pogo yet. Rather than aliens, enemies include skateboarding and pogoing kids and RC planes. The latter can be destroyed by Billy with a little stomp on the ground which replaces the Pogo feature. Action takes place both on the street and inside buildings.

The mod was first announced in November 2012. A demo version with two levels was released on Mort Day 2015. The first level replaces the BwB level and features the area around Billy's house. He can explore the house's interior and meet the other members of his family. In the second level, Billy has to investigate both the streets and buildings of a city to succeed. He has to overcome dangers like wet cement and girls with tennis rackets.

Creatures and other modifications

E-3 Keen.png
Commander Keen replacement
E-3 Pogo Boy.png
Pogo Boy
Bounder replacement
E-3 Skater.png
Arachnut replacement
E-3 Tennis Rackets Girl.png
Tennis Rackets Girl
Thundercloud replacement
E-3 Dog.png
Inchworm replacement
E-3 Chicken.png
Lick replacement
E-3 Trashcan Oscar.png
Trashcan Oscar
Mimrock replacement
E-3 Ghost.png
Mad Mushroom replacement
E-3 Truncheon Boy.png
Truncheon Boy
Poison Slug replacement
E-3 Baton Boy.png
Baton Boy
Blue Bird replacement
E-3 Robotic Mort.png
Robotic Mort
Berkeloid replacement