Commander Keen in Suburb Shenanigans

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Commander Keen in Suburb Shenanigans
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Modded episodeKeen 5
ProtagonistCommander Keen
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Commander Keen Episode in Suburb Shenanigans is an in-development Keen 5 mod by Bubbatom and was first announced on Keen Day 2012.

It takes place on Earth and specifically in Keen's hometown's suburbs, more specifically backyards, houses, Keen's school and also Keen's house along with a few extras, like a burger joint on the corner.


The yet loose story will revolve around Keen being late for school, missing the bus and then arriving at school late, and getting a detention and then finishing off the school day. All this will be set up by Mortimer who doesn't want keen getting to school on time for one reason or another (probably something to do with a test or an exam that Mortimer feels Keen has an upper hand on).

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