Commander Keen X Bio Menace

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Commander Keen X Bio Menace
Commander Keen X Bio Menace.png
Mod-ingame-Commander Keen X Bio Menace.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistCommander Keen
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Release date
Discussion(s)PCKF: Release thread
Number of levels13
Secret levelsNo
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New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?no
New music?Yes
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Commander Keen X Bio Menace is a crossover mod between Keen 4 and Bio Menace released by Szemi. It is notable for omitting the world map entirely. Instead of wandering through a specific Map in order to reach and enter an onward level Keen simply flips into the next level after he leaves the current.


After exhausting adventures Snake Logan is about to return from his duties. Unfortunately he finds himself locked up in a lab. The computer chip for the exit door is nowhere to be seen. In his desperate situation Logan addresses a message to Commander Keens Photachyon Transceiver. Receiving this distress call Keen immediately leaves his (s)mashed potatoes behind and blasts to Metro City...

Level List

  • Keen mysteriously lurks in the Slug Pit
  • Keen passes across Councilsville
  • Keen fins the Rock Hideout
  • Keen gleams for the Crystal Chamber
  • Keen disappears and appears inside the Pyramid of Mirage
  • Keen hops in the BWB Megarocket
  • Keen swiftly parks in the Car Park
  • Keen visit the Far Woods
  • Keen has acrophobia at the High Flat
  • Keen gets wet in the Sewers
  • Keen climbs the Office Building
  • Keen rushes into Dr. Mangle's Lab

High Score Level

  • Keen oddly gets to the High Scores

Creatures and other modifications

Mad Mushroom.png
Mad Mushroom
An invincible bouncing mushroom
Poison Slug.png
Poison Slug
Yellow slugs that leave deadly green puddles everywhere
A small worm
Princess Lindsey.png
Princess Lindsey
A helpful guide
Treasure Eater.png
Treasure Eater
These guys like to take your items and disappear
A green crab-like creature, commonly found in the desert levels
Amored Mutant.png
Amored Mutant
Sprite replacement
Slime Mutant.png
Slime Mutant
Berkeloid replacement
Mutant Critter.png
Mutant Critter
Mimrock replacement
Wormouth replacement
Bionicle Robot.png
Bionicle Robot
Bounder replacement
Snake Logan.png
Snake Logan
Council Member replacement