Commander Keen 3000: Friend or Foe?

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Commander Keen 3000: Friend or Foe? is the continuation of Commander Keen 2000, made by Szemi and Nickssoftware. The game takes place in the parallel universe, where Commander Keen meets his evil counterpart, Oppressor Keen, and Mortimer's good counterpart, Martinez McMeyer. Moreover many more counterparts can be found in the game on various planets.


  • Exciting adventure in two different universes
  • Known musics for each environments
  • 3 mini-games
  • Alternative player, Martinez McMeyer
  • Secret level
  • Keen's sprite is no longer from Keen 2000
  • Two weapons: Keen's Neural Stunner and Martinez's Nuclear Blaster


  • Commander Keen 3000 was abandoned by A.R., but Szemi picked the project up and made it with KNP
  • an enemy is missing from the "Parallel Universe Creatures" list in the help menu

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