Commander Keen's Valentine Bash

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Commander Keen's Valentine Bash
Commander Keen's Valentine Bash.png
Mod-ingame-Commander Keen's Valentine Bash.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)PCKF: Release Thread
Number of levels20
Secret levelsUnknown
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
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Commander Keen's Valentine Bash is a Keen 4 mod released by Levellass.


It is the eve of valentine's day and all is not well. Keen's best friend, Johnny Dash has been struck lovesick, another victim of the pernicious holiday! That evening, after an exhausting few hours of work in his backyard clubhouse, Keen receives an ominous message from a mysterious source. The evil Count Chuck has risen once again to afflict the world, and this time Johnny Dash is under his spell. Only Keen stands between earth and the undead hordes. Supplied with magic slingshot and his wits, Keen must do battle with the unholy armies of the Count to save his town, the world, his friend and even... Valentine's day



No images of this mod's items have been uploaded yet!

  • Key.png
    Unlocks doors.



Known Issues

There are a couple of known issues and bugs that cannot be corrected:

  • In some levels if you are persistent you can crash the game by making a large number of zombies spawn onscreen. They automatically remove themselves if offscreen, which limits the damage, but it's still possible, just. Another trick is to splatter a lot of enemies quickly.
  • Old Shack and Cavern of Despair occasionally freezes if the player looks upwards just before a ghost appears. If you encounter this, reload your last saved game and, near this area, don't look up!
  • Some skeletons will occasionally be walking in midair, spinning back and forth.
  • In some levels you can climb off the top of a pole then enter a door and win the level.
  • If you use the F10-E kill yourself cheat, the game may freeze when you try and enter another level.