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Ck456Tli main screen, version 3.1.

Ck456Tli is a Windows-based GUI Keen: Galaxy tile properties editor written by CK Guy for the Win32 platform. It is the Keen: Galaxy equivalent of Andrew Durdin's TileInfo, and although not as easy to use or compact, has been rapidly improving as a number of different versions were released.

The current version is 3.2, released May 06, 2007.

The most up to date version 4.0 is called Galactile.

It has been reported that recent versions run in Linux under the WINE compatibility layer with no major issues.

See Also

  • CK456DTli successor of Ck456Tli which also supports Keen Dreams
  • Galactile the latest and most up to date successor of Ck456Tli/CK456DTli

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