Charging Moose's BwB Level

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Charging Moose's BwB Level
Keen 4 title.png
Mod-ingame-Charging Moose's BwB Level.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Number of levels1
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?No
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Charging Moose's BwB Level is the first fan-made Galaxy level to be released on the internet.

Since no Galaxy level editors existed back then, the level was made in a hex editor. This achievement got many people excited about the possibilities it adumbrated. The same month, some utilities got written to extract data from the Keen executables for TED5 to use, though it had yet to work out a reliable method of patching homemade levels back in so they could be used.

The level has two different ways to complete it, one involves exiting it, while the other requires meeting the Council Member.

The level was featured in Buried in Oblivion.

Level Map