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CK456Dtli working with Keen 4

CK456Dtli is a program used to edit the tile properties of Keen Galaxy and Dreamsw ritten by CK Guy for the Win32 platform. It is similar to Tileinfo in that respect, but more complex. This is most useful when the Keener is also a Modder, and wishes to create a few new tiles to use, or perhaps to create a whole new set of tiles.

The current version is 3.3, released December 12, 2009.

The most up to date version 4.0 is called Galactile.

It has been reported that recent versions run in Linux under the WINE compatibility layer with no major issues.

How to use

For further instructions head over to Galactile.

See Also

  • Galactile the latest and most up to date successor of Ck456Tli / CK456DTli.

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