Buried in Oblivion

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Buried in Oblivion
Buried in Oblivion.png
Mod-ingame-Buried in Oblivion.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
Release date
Discussion(s)PCKF Release Thread
Secret levels1
New graphics?Some
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Buried in Oblivion is a Keen 4 Levelpack by Nisaba released in 2017.

This Levelpack is a compilation and a revision of numerous different level designs, which were originally created and published by several people of the PCKF.


Mods of Oblivion

This community levelpack consists out of Level Designs which were independently created by different Authors between 2001 till 2016 (see the credits). Some of which were released as single levels, others within a package of a couple of levels. Quite a number of them were unfinished or even abandoned. This pack is kept as close to the original level designs as possible. Revisions have only been made when needed. The primal packages are also attached in the download section below.


Returning from thrilling adventures in and beyond the depth of space, Commander Keen navigates his BwB Rocket towards the home planet of his good old friends, the guardians of the Oracle. Reminiscing his last challenges, Keen mistakenly misses the landing space of the Shadowlands and finds himself on the back side of Gnosticus IV. Confused but excited by the unexpected familiarity of this forgotten location Keen sets his path to seek his friends. Immediately after leaving his Megarocket strange things start to occur...

Level List

  • Keen returns to the Mods of Oblivion
  • Keen launches into the Bean-with-Berkeloid Rocket
  • Keen lurks at the first ever modded user level for K4
  • Keen gets confused by the Mirror Effect
  • Keen is astonished by the various usage of Switches
  • Keen mines his way through the Pit of Passions
  • Keen hangs out in the Castle of Allowed
  • Keen uses the Entry for some transition
  • Keen finally discovers the lost Desert Town
  • Keen dares to enter the Pyramid of Maze
  • Keen clambers the Pyramid of Poles
  • Keen crawls into the Undergroundpass
  • Keen moves silently in the Unknown Pyramid
  • Keen roams thru the Palm Tree Oasis
  • Keen marches through the Mires of Peril
  • Keen goes upwards for some Chiropody
  • Well, well...
  • Keen dives into the strange world of mutations
  • Keen gets lifted up to the Gallery of Fame


The following images show the levels as seen in this very levelpack. Note that these images might slightly differ from the original designs, which can also be inspected in the all-in-one package.

Technical Information



  1. Charging Moose's BWB Level
  2. GARGapplz' Sand Yego
  3. Gridlock's Keen 4 Levelpack
  4. Hagel's Oracle of Doom
  5. Mark the Candyjunk's KeenMark4 Levelpack
  6. Nisaba's Lost Tapes
  7. NY00123's abandoned CK4 Levelpack
  8. Szemigi's The Pyramid of the Allowed and Desert Town
  9. The Shifted One's The Unknown Pyramid
  10. Quirky Moron's Keen 4 Levelpack

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