Atroxian Realm

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Atroxian Realm
Atroxian Realm.png
Mod-ingame-Atroxian Realm.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Latest update2019-03-14
Discussion(s)PCKF: development, full version
Number of levels25
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
Downloadv.1.1 newest
v.1.0, Demo 2, Demo 1
(2 votes)

Atroxian Realm is a major Keen 4 mod released in its completed form on the 16th of January 2016 by Gridlock. This project, in progress for five years, with multiple collaborators from the Commander Keen community, was dubbed "the largest Keen mod that's been made to date" by its author, a claim that no-one has yet disputed.


This mod follows the story of an adventure involving Commander Keen who is summoned by the Krile, native inhabitants of the planet Krisle. The Krile are in distress, as the robotic Atroxians have invaded their planet and begun to inflict a dark terraforming programme upon Krisle, using their deadly Realm Reactor. This adventure leads Keen through a myriad of rural and industrial settings leading ultimately to the fabled Great Ziggurat.

Creatures and other modifications


Lemon Drop.png
Lemon Drop
100 points
200 points
French Fries.png
French Fries
500 points
1000 points
Sphere Mint.png
Sphere Mint
1000 points
Choc-Lover's Cone.png
Choc-Lover's Cone
2000 points
Rainbow Snowcone.png
Rainbow Snowcone
5000 points


Neural Stunner.png
Neural Stunner
More ammo
Unlock doors
Collect 100 to get an extra life
Spark Star.png
Spark Star
Extra life
3-UP Hyper Star.png
3-UP Hyper Star
3 extra lives
Question Mark.png
Question Mark
Spark, extra life, or 100-5,000 points


Atroxian Power Grid.png
Atroxian Power Grid
A Power Generator
Ceiling Drill.png
Ceiling Drill
Tile-based hazard
Fire AR.png
Tile-based hazard
Fireball AR.png
Tile-based hazard
Tile-based hazard
Moving Fireball.png
Moving Fireball
Underwater Mine replacement
Water AR.png
Tile-based hazard

Specialties and innovations

Keen can now reach checkpoints in levels.
An auxiliary directional arrow.
A high-speed walkway
Red Roots.png
Red Roots
Takes Keen to the Crystal Sanctuary


Track Length Title Composer Levels used
1 0:43 Intro Gridlock Intro
2 0:56 Main Theme Gamebird Scrolling text story
3 2:33 Atroxian Adagio Gridlock Help Screen
4 0:56 High Scores Gamebird The Keenest
5 1:13 Crash Landing Gridlock BWB Crash Site
6 1:29 Exile of the Krile Gridlock Exile of the Krile
7 2:42 Krisle Gamebird World Map
8 1:39 Dark Swamp Gamebird Dark Swamp
9 1:58 Murky Marsh Gamebird Murky Marsh
10 3:02 Larvae Lagoon Gamebird Larvae Lagoon
11 2:20 Brithom Bog Gamebird Brithom Bog
12 1:44 Crystallite Caverns Gamebird Crystallite Caverns
13 1:38 Crystalcomb Hive Gamebird Crystalcomb Hive
14 2:10 Emerald Canyon Gamebird Emerald Canyon
15 1:04 Cargo Transit A Gamebird Cargo Transit A
16 1:57 Atroxian Mines Gamebird Atroxian Mines
17 2:14 Krilewood Forest Gamebird Krilewood Forest
18 1:41 Port Atrox Gamebird Port Atrox
19 2:05 Security Layer Gamebird Security Layer
20 1:21 Cargo Transit B Gamebird Cargo Transit B
21 1:35 Atroxian Base Gamebird Atroxian Base
22 1:51 Hornet Hive Gamebird Hornet Hive
23 2:44 Crystal Shrine Gamebird, Gridlock Crystal Sanctuary
24 2:00 Kridonea Gateway Gamebird Kridonea Gateway
25 0:29 Atroxus Watches Gridlock Atroxus Watches
26 2:30 Kridonea Ruins (Part 1) Gamebird Kridonea Ruins
27 2:43 Kridonea Ruins (Part 2) Gridlock Kridonea Ruins
28 2:32 The Catacombs Gamebird The Catacombs
29 1:51 Great Ziggurat Gamebird The Great Ziggurat
30 1:56 The Elder Gamebird The Great Ziggurat
31 0:27 Atop the Mesa Gridlock Atop the Mesa
32 2:46 Sky Sanctum Gamebird The Sky Sanctum
33 1:32 Atroxus Gridlock Atroxus scans Keen
34 1:47 Battle at the Realm Reactor Gamebird Realm Reactor
35 1:56 Ending (Part 1) Gamebird Ending (Part 1)
36 2:40 Ending (Part 2) Gridlock Ending (Part 2)


22 levels are meant to be directly accessed in the game, one is accessed only from another level.

Technical Information