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This table lists the current status of games that can be edited by the development (git) version of Camoto Studio when combined with development versions of the Camoto libraries. More games can be modified by using the command line tools, but not as much or as easily as using the Studio.

For details on what isn't working yet for a specific game, see the to-do list.

Game Levels Graphics Music Sounds Notes
Captain Comic Edit Edit None No
Captain Comic II No Edit None No
Catacomb No Edit None No
Catacomb II No Edit None No
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures Partial Edit Edit No
Crystal Caves Edit Edit None No
Dangerous Dave Edit Edit None No
Dark Ages Edit Edit Play No
Doofus No No Edit No Files can be extracted and replaced in gamedata.g-d
Duke Nukem II Partial Edit Edit No
God of Thunder Edit Some Play No
Halloween Harry Partial Edit Extract No
Highway Hunter No No Yes No
Hocus Pocus Partial Yes Yes No
Hugo's House of Horrors No Partial No No
Jill of the Jungle Partial View Edit No
Kiloblaster No No Edit No
Lion King, The No No Extract No
Major Stryker No Edit Edit Extract
Monster Bash Edit Edit Edit Extract
Mystic Towers No Some Extract No
Raptor No Some Play Extract Files can be extracted and decrypted from .GLB
Rockford Edit Edit None No
Scubaventure Partial Edit None No
Secret Agent Edit Edit None No
Solar Winds No No Edit No
Stargunner No No Extract No Files can be extracted and decompressed
Trugg No No Play/Extract No
Vinyl Goddess From Mars View Edit Play No
Wacky Wheels Edit Some Edit No
Word Rescue Edit Edit Edit No
Xargon Partial View Edit No
Zone 66 Partial Edit Edit No
Last updated on 2015-07-04

Partial means partial edit (modifications can be made and played, but some elements may be lost upon editing)