AdPlug is a free, cross-platform, hardware independent AdLib sound player library, mainly written in C++ and released under the LGPL. AdPlug plays sound data, originally created for the AdLib (OPL2) and Sound Blaster (Dual OPL2/OPL3) audio boards, directly from its original format on top of an emulator or by using the real hardware. No OPL chip is required for playback.

AdPlug itself is just the backend to many different audio player frontends, which are also being developed here. There are plugins for popular audio players, like Winamp and XMMS, as well as stand-alone players for many different systems available.

The purpose of this webpage:

This is NOT the official AdPlug website! The official site is located at SourceForge:

However, some (newer) binary versions of AdPlug's frontends have been compiled including non OSI compliant content, in order to optimize emulation quality, and thus cannot be distributed through SourceForge.

This page has been made available to faciliate the distribution of these binary versions nevertheless, as well as to make available the patches against the core AdPlug library, needed to compile these optimized versions.

None of the files on this webpage are either illegal or non-free (both in the sense of freedom and free beer)! They are just not OSI compliant. Please look below for the exact changes to AdPlug's original (LGPL) license (whose original indeed is OSI compliant).


AdPlug/Winamp binaries

These are the binary (zip and installer) versions of the AdPlug Winamp input plugin, including the latest (non OSI compliant) MAME OPL2 and OPL3 emulators, in reverse chronological order.

AdPlug/Winamp 1.8.2 (latest)

AdPlug/Winamp 1.8

AdPlug/Winamp 1.7a

AdPlug/Winamp 1.7

AdPlug/Winamp 1.6

Patches against the AdPlug core library sources

These patches upgrade the OPL2 emulator of the AdPlug core library with the latest version of the MAME distribution at the time of release and for AdPlug library versions since 2.0 also add a separate OPL3 emulator. These patches render the AdPlug core library incompatible to the OSI license (MAME is not OSI-compliant).

Patch instructions:

If you downloaded the source code patch, here is how to apply it: Download the corresponding AdPlug core library version source code and unpack it. Go to the top-level directory of the distribution, copy the patch there and type:

patch -p1 <adplug-2.1_mame.patch

Replace the patch filename of this example with the appropriate one you downloaded. Patch might complain about hunks not quite matching the source code. Ignore those complaints and have them applied anyway. Then, re-generate the configure script:

autoreconf -i

Now you are ready to build AdPlug just like you would with the original version.


The AdPlug core library and all frontends are licensed under the LGPL or another OSI compliant license. The binaries and patches on this page incorporate new OPL2 and OPL3 emulators, which bear a part of the MAME license and thus dual licenses the library. The additional license restricts commercial redistribution for those emulators and is presented below:

Tatsuyuki Satoh and Jarek Burczynski's YM3812 emulator, constituted in
this distribution by the files `src/fmopl.c' and `src/fmopl.h', and
only these files, as well as Jarek Burczynski's YMF262 emulator,
constituted in this distribution by the files 'src/ymf262.cpp' and
'src/ymf262.h', and only these files, is covered by paragraph VI of
the MAME license:

--- BEGIN of excerpt of the MAME license ---

VI. Reuse of Source Code
   This chapter might not apply to specific portions of MAME (e.g. CPU
   emulators) which bear different copyright notices.
   The source code cannot be used in a commercial product without the written
   authorization of the authors. Use in non-commercial products is allowed, and
   indeed encouraged.  If you use portions of the MAME source code in your
   program, however, you must make the full source code freely available as
   Usage of the _information_ contained in the source code is free for any use.
   However, given the amount of time and energy it took to collect this
   information, if you find new information we would appreciate if you made it
   freely available as well.

--- END of excerpt of the MAME license ---

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